In the premiere episode, four unmarried couples, each in their own homes, prepare and pack for their trip to Temptation Island. We meet Andy and Shannon, Billy and Mandy, Ytoissie and Taheed, Valerie and Kaya. The couples board a small plane for the tiny island of Ambergris Caye in Belize soon to be know as the Temptation Island.
When they land in San Pedro Town, they are met by an islander with flowers. She takes them to a stunning catamaran waiting at the water's edge. Host Mark L. Walberg greets them with champagne and they all sail to Mata Chica, one of the two main resorts on Temptation Island. While in transit, each couple explains their reasons for participating in the ultimate
relationship test.
Taheed has cheated on Ytossie in the past, so she wants to see if he can be faithful at all. And she wants to show him she can be faithful to him at all times, no matter what the situation is like.
Shannon thinks this will give Andy the kick in the but she thinks he needs to make a bigger commitment. Shannon likes to vacation to exotic places and likes doing so without Andy.
Kaya has gone from one serious relationship to another and has never given himself the chance to be single. He wants to take full advantage of this opportunity, but his girlfriend Valerie wants to get married. She says if he asked me to marry him today I would say yes. 
Billy already knows that Mandy is the one for him forever, but Mandy is more reticent; she believes she needs to see other girls wanting Billy because it will strengthen her devotion to him. Mandy admits to kissing her ex boyfriend in front of Billy. And all Billy  fears that Mandy will find someone else while she's on the island and that he'll be alone and "just as in love with her as I am now"
Upon arrival, the group settles into a cocktail party hosted by Mark. In the middle of the party, the single men and women arrive and walk by the couples. While all the couples express confidence that there is nothing to worry about, the coupled
women admit to being jealous and refute the coupled men's claim that the single guys aren't that impressive.
After the cocktail party, the men and women are separated for the night. The men are sent to another part of the island - their new home, Captain Morgan's Retreat leaving the women at their new home, Mata Chica. They are 20 miles apart only way to see each other is by boat.
The next morning, the women are brought from their resort to the men's resort to join their partners. At the pool, they meet up with host Mark, who leads them through formal introduction to the male and female singles who will be their prospective dates During the event, our coupled guys are given a unique opportunity to cast off one male single whom they are most
"threatened" by. Likewise, the coupled ladies must kick off the female single who intimidates them the most. During the next phase of the event, the couples must block one single from dating their mates. The block is symbolized by a colored bracelet that corresponds with the color-coded necklaces each of the couples wear. Seen the banned site for details. 
After the event,  Taheed and Andy, get acquainted with their blocked singles, Elizabeth and Venus. That night, the
couples join Mark for a final dinner together at Mata Chica. Andy and Taheed confess that their blocks approached them and they enjoyed getting to know them. They discuss how the bracelets may have made the blocked singles more alluring. The women seem upset at the fact and Shannon says " I hope I did not open up a door here." 
After dinner, the couples have an emotional goodbye, knowing they won't talk, see  or spend time with each other for the next two weeks. Ytossie and Taheed spend their last minutes together in a heated argument, which ends with Ytossie storming off. Yaheed walks out, we think he might be going to find Ytossie but he walks toward the waiting boat. The men return to their resort to find all the single women waiting for them. A huge party starts. Meanwhile, at Mata Chica, Ytossie sits crying in a lounge chair while Mandy, Valerie and Shannon try to cheer her up. Ytossie at this time tell the other women that Taheed cheated on her before and " no matter how many women he had sex with, no one will love him as much as I do.
From the look in the eyes of all the other women you can see that they begin questioning being here in the first place.


The End